It’s Breaking News: The Excitement Begins

My first film It’s Breaking News is now ready and slated for release. The promos are out on internet and ETC channel. The movie should be out by the last week of September if everything goes well. The phrase ‘if everything goes well‘ has suddenly assumed the importance of what the phrase ‘other things being equal‘ would have in the life of an economist!
It has been a long wait for me and very hard toil for my brother, Vishal, who has directed the movie. He has been under immense pressure, making this film – at the age of 29 and no Godfather and a first timer producer to back him up. There have been moments of triumph and joy and also of pain and agony which were endured by all of us in the unit of the film.
News is something that we cannot run away from. It is everywhere and it touches every aspect of our life. The word NEWS, I have learnt as a child, is the acronym of North, East, West, South. Media, it is said, is the fourth pillar of democracy. So in India, Media is the fourth pillar of the world’s largest democracy. ‘The Fourth Estate’ – political scientists have called it. It is the watchdog of liberty. It has the power to topple governments. Early nineties saw the advent of satellite television in India. The inevitable followed and India was taken over by a swarm of News channels in the last decade. It is in the last 3-4 years that we have been constantly hearing the term – ‘sting operation‘. One of the first (in)famous sting operations was carried out on the members of film industry, namely, Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma by a reporter who went by the pseudonym, Ruchi. In 2005, Barkha Dutt, a director of NDTV, wrote an article in the Hindustan Times, questioning the ethics behind the sting operations which were appearing like congress grass. She has put up a very reasonable case noting that the place of sting operations in journalism is the same as the place of the Death Penalty in the Indian Penal Code – that it should be used in the ‘rarest of the rare’ cases. I tried very hard to find the copy of the article in the Hindustan Times archives but couldn’t. Fortunately, it was still there on one of the news-servers. This is the link.
Vishal was most concerned with the irreverence and the twisted morality of the sting operations especially in the Jharkhand IG Natarajan Case. In the Shakti Kapoor case also you’ll note that it was a hypothetical girl in a hypothetical situation, where she made the invitation. There was a widespread aversion to the manner in which the sting operation took place. In the India TV exposé of politicians having sex with call girls, I always felt that in the enthusiasm of catching the politicians, the channel was rather unfair in exposing the call girls too.
What we see on television is the face of the channel, philosophising and moralising. But underneath the moral policing lurks a most despicable greed for sensationalism.
It’s Breaking News is a movie which unearths the story behind the sting operations. You have seen sting operations expose a thing or two… now here’s a movie that exposes sting operations!


  1. Harshan says:

    Dear Kaushal …I am waiting to watch this movie ..if I get a chance.

    Wishing you good luck for its success…and hope that this will launch you as a busy music director in Bollywood.

    God bless …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kaushal,

    Congratulations on the flurry of achievements you have so far. My best wishes for many more successes to come your way. Will await the release of your debut Hindi film and would proudly watch it!

    Who are the lead performers in It’s Breaking News?

    Best regards,

  3. sandesh says:

    Hi Kaushal
    Me don mahinyapurvi tumchya blogvar chyaphyache shimpan vishai vachat hoto tevhach mala “Its Breaking News” ya vishalchya film baddal samjale hote, tevha pasunach me to kadhi release hoto ahe yachi vat pahat ahe, tumhi september madhe realese hot ahe he kalvlyabaddal tumche abhar! tasech ya filmchya success sathi tumhala Best Wishes.

  4. mrin says:

    hi there,
    i liked it when you said it has been an humbling experience. definitely waiting to watch the film, all the best for “if everything goes well”.

  5. andya says:

    hiii….. kaushal sir….

    i m eager to sea this movie

  6. rasika says:

    hi Kaushal !!
    Wish u & vishal all d very very best for ur 1st hindi feature film !!
    I’m sure you guys will rock !!
    Film ka Pramotion jam ke karo..!!

  7. Anonymous says:


    तुमच्या येऊ घातलेल्या चित्रपटाकरता तुम्हाला आणि तुमच्या भावाला हार्दिक सदिच्छा.

    एकूण विषय वाचून ; चित्रपट पाहायची इच्छा आहे. पाहूया कसे जमते ते.

    तुम्ही या चित्रपटाविषयी तुमचे अनुभव लिहावेत असे माझे एक सांगणे आहे.

    माझी दुनिया

  8. Yogesh says:

    सर्वप्रथम बॉलीवूड मधल्या पदार्पणाबद्दल हार्दीक अभिनंदन!!! सध्याचे बॉलीवूडमधले चित्रपट आणि त्यांनी हाताळलेले विषय पाहता मी खरतर आजकाल एकतर इंग्रजी किंवा मराठी चित्रपटच पहाणे मी अधिक पसंत करतो;पण तुम्ही निवडलेला हा विषय खरच उत्सुकता ताणणारा आहे.त्याबरोबरच तुम्ही दिलेलं संगीतही ऐकण्याची उत्सुकताही आहेच !! त्यामुळे मी तरी हा चित्रपट बघेन हे नक्की 🙂 ( तसही लोकांना ‘टोपी’ घालणा-या संगीतकारापासून(खर म्हणजे गायकापासून) कधी आणि कशी सुटका मिळेल ह्याचीही मी वाट पाहत आहेच 😉 )

    नवीन चित्रपटासाठी हार्दीक शुभेच्छा !! 🙂

  9. nirav vaidya says:


    Sometimes i do wonder that the kind of “TEAM-BONDING” that is required to make a Film…if that kind of synergy were to be seen in “society-city-state-nation” building…we would be a much better off “socially” speaking!

    While we make a film we are in a”process” towards acheiving a common “vision” in a timebound period…we have a”purpose” in front of us and thats why when we acheive it, whether it works or not, we do get a sense of satisfaction, or a sense of ultimate “release” of living a period of methodical madness and coming out of it unscathed!

    Its important to “BE” INSIDE this “PROCESS” I BELIVE for people to undserstand the mechanics of creativity on a larger scale…Creation is a process and it cannot end…is what comes across as a learning i guess…
    i am so glad that you have successfully completed your first feautre film…and more importantly experienced the “process/journey” of making a film…i am sure u are a better creative man now than u were before!

    my sincere congrajulations to your BROTHER…who has undertaken such a daunting task of making a film without any Godfather…thats an achievement too! in an industry with “camps” he has chosen to be in the “wild”! something to be proud about…for sure.

    May all success shine on you two…

    After all u two are deserving “INAMDARS”…{GIFT WORTHY”} FOR A HIT! to follow…

    wish u all the best
    nirav vaidya

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kaushal,

    Arun Khadilkar

  11. Deepali says:

    Dear Kaushal,
    First of all please do accept my good wishes for making such a creative and thought provoking project… And you don’t have to feel obliged at all… Khara tar mich thank you mhatla pahije for letting me know about the new project work…
    I know for a creator his or her creation is always looked upon as his or her own baby… You, your brother Vishal and your team, are going to enter the world of Hindi Cinema which is considered as one of the important place, business and fame wise and I’m happy to hear about that… I’m not a complete movie buff as in first day first show types but do take interest in meaningful cinema and your movie seems to be loaded with hard hitting social subject… if possible I would love to see the movie…
    I can identify with your current state. You must be feeling proud, content yet tense… agadi boardachya result pramane… The fate of the project would definitely be fruitful but the important part is the journey of project/movie making through which you and your whole team must have got to learn new unexplored arenas and this will remain with you forever…
    I always say that people like you somehow make all the Maharashtrians feel proud by the sheer amount of creativity and talent… Dealing with serious cinema is itself a big accomplishment and rest is up to god… I’m just an ordinary person so can’t comment much about it…
    My best wishes to you and your team…
    Deepali Wakkar

  12. Manish says:

    Looking forward to the movie!

  13. Rahul says:

    Hi Kaushal,
    Hearty Congratulations on your 1st step in the Big world of “Bollywood”. Hope your music will create its own path to cross through this “woods” to go to the other(ofcourse Hollywood). Not hoping, wishing you a high.
    -Rahul, Sampada & Sharvari Kulkarni

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