Uma Khurana & It’s Breaking News

When the IG Natarajan sting operation was telecast on the news channels, Vishal Inamdar, the director of It’s Breaking News, said that he thought it was a pornographic film being telecast. He remarked that this crooked morality was going to show more of its colours as time went by. After the fake sting operation in the Uma Khurana case, Vishal’s words seem almost prophetic. It was then that he got on to the task of writing the story of a feature film. To help him in his endeavour was Jayant Pawar, himself a journalist, somebody who knew about the finer nuances of the profession.

The movie was completed and took its censor certificate just a few days before the Uma Khurana sting operation. It is a strange coincidence that Uma Khurana case should surface at the point of time that this film is about to be exhibited. There are some similar points that both, the film, It’s Breaking News and the Uma Khurana case, make. The first is the irresponsible nature of sting operations that are carried out by some news channels in India. Secondly, the morality of sting operations is always an issue of contention. Good intentions are not enough… they can pave the road to hell. In Uma Khurana’s case, the sting operation was not only morally suspect, but downright criminal.
Another case in point was that of Prof. Batuknath of Bihar. In both these cases the point to note is that Uma Khurana and Prof. Batuknath are both representatives of the common man. They are no celebrities, who are constantly in the fear of being hounded by paparazzi. It’s Breaking News is not a film against journalists or even the sting operations. It simply points out that sting operations in hands of irresponsible channel heads or journalists can be as volatile as a nuclear bomb in the hands of a terrorist. Have a look at the official website of the movie.


  1. Sakshi says:

    Hey..just checked out the website and have to say the film looks really interesting.

    Though I have second thoughts on Koel Puri playing the lead.

    Good Luck.

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