Haqeeqat Ne Aisa Pakda Girebaan: A Child of Night

While doing the background score of It’s Breaking News, the scene that had us (Sameer Mhatre & myself) thinking most was the sting operation scene. We took a lot of pains to do that scene, and I must give due credit to Sameer Mhatre who was at his dynamic best while doing the scene. But what stumped me was what happens after the sting operation. There was a silence of almost 2 minutes after the sting operation scene, where Vidya (Koel Purie) seems to be at a loss of words and can’t express anything to Sangeeta (Swati Sen) who looks at her accusingly. There is an uncomfortable silence for around two minutes.
After doing the music for the sting operation scene, we decided to stop as it was too heavy on us. It was 2 am, and we had our customary chai at dadar station before I started driving back home. The one visual that came coming back to me from the film was Sangeeta’s accusing look at Vidya. Swati Sen had brought Sangeeta alive on screen. The success of her performance, I think, was that it made the viewer wonder what kind of a life Sangeeta must have led beyond what was shown in the movie. And that was what started me on to the song. Sangeeta’s life… she’s just about 20 in the film, an age when dreams rule you, when everything in life seems achievable, when you feel you can get away flirting with Reality. On my journey back home from Dadar, the entire song on Sangeeta came to me. Time: 2:15 – 2:50 AM.
हक़ीक़त ने ऐसा पकडा गिरेबाँ
और पड गईं सिलवटें ख़्वाब पर
ज़ुबाँ सिल गई है, बदन छिल गया है
और रूह रोती रही रातभर

दिन की रातें, रातों के दिन
जुग जुग लागे पल पल छिन छिन
मरते यहाँ हैं अरमाँ कमसिन
अंधेरों से गहरा नाता जुड़ा है लेकिन उजालों से लगता है डर

एक ही छब और लाखों दरपण
ना कोई पर्दा, ना कोई चिलमन
दिल सेहरा और आँखें सावन
आँखों की बातें कोई न समझे
और हाथों की दुआ बेअसर

The tune and the words came together. The next day I called up Hamsika and sang out what I had composed. She, too, was most ecstatic. I took the song to a very talented musician, Sameeruddin, to be arranged. Hamsika and I went to Sameeruddin’s studio late at night. He was still at work. He finished work at almost 1AM. We decided that we couldn’t really work after that as all of us were tired. Sameeruddin suggested that we record the cue track of the song. Seby, Sameer’s friend and another talented musician, took charge of the acoustic guitar and Sameeruddin himself sat on the keyboards. Hamsika went inside the dubbing room to sing the cue track. We switched off the lights and Hamsika began singing. She sang at one go and with great feeling. Seby contributed with his sparse but extremely effective strumming. Thereafter we tried recording that song twice but the same magic didn’t happen. Hamsika & I decided that we’ll let the song stay as it is. The song, right from conception to delivery, was a child of the night.


  1. Harshan says:

    What a melodious compostion !! hats off to you Vishal. Just out of this world with so little arrangement.

    Beautiful singing with immense expressions by Hamsika.

    I really loved the vibrato in AUR ROOH RO RAHI …awesome !!

  2. Spacejunk says:

    Kaushal – Haqeeqat is out of the world, I think thats the best of Hamsika’s songs I’ve heard so far of all!

  3. Aruna says:

    Lovely, mesmerizing, song, composition, and choice of voice. Congratulations! While I love all the songs in the film, this is probably my favorite.

  4. unmesh says:

    Kaushal u made my day! Bahot badhia composition! God bless u!Hamsikachya awazane kaizala hat ghatla! Awesome….!Unmesh

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gane ki lay sateek hai.Isme Haqeeqat ka bhay abhivyakta hota hai.

    Hamsika ki aawaz Surili hai aur gane ki rachana bhi sahaj saral.

    Bahot khub ….

    Arun Khadilkar

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful wording and poetry. Some violins background would give a much better ambience. I like the voice, control and modulation. Just wished there was more of aalap mixed with such powerful voice. Well done folks. Enjoyed it.
    Raj, SWAR Los Angeles

  7. Narayan Parasuram says:

    At the danger of sounding like a spoilsport amongst such ecstatic reactions to the song, I am disappointed at the amateurish recording and rendition of this song. By saying that this song is “out of the world” and “this is the best of Hamsika’s songs” one is only exposing one’s lack of understanding of both Kaushal’s and Hamsika’s potential. There are a bunch of bum notes and chords in the song, unintended guitar sounds and the guitarist seems to be searching for notes instead of playing them. One must guard against getting carried away by the events that led to the creation of the song, much as interesting as it may be. As an audience, I am only interested in my experience of the song and not in your experience of creating it.

  8. Dear Narayan,

    I have not said that the song is perfect… a perfect song is in fact something that I dread. The fact of the matter is that the song, in spite of amateurish rendition (that is your take, not mine) and amateurish recording, manages to touch hearts. Not one, but many, including mine. As you are well aware there are more professional results which fail to move you in anyway. I haven’t got ‘carried away’ by events leading to the song as you put it. I have simply enumerated them because I as a creator find them very relevant to my process of creation. The purpose of this blog itself is investigating this process.
    There are people who have heard this song who are strangers to me or Hamsika, so they are quite are auite unaware of our potential and should not really be accused of lack of understanding. These reactions only prove that sometimes, the worth of a song can be felt not merely by technical finesse, but by the honesty of its content.

  9. renu says:

    fabulous lines…i am speechless
    few very r blessed with such a good skill.
    u r one among them. the most significant fact i came acroos is ur way of looking at minute deatils of life (psycholigical). u have penned down ur words abt how the 2 people felt in very beautiful way before mentioning the dong..that adds a special fragnance to the poem…keep it up dude…keep going ahead..wish u all the best
    nice meeting a wonderful, talented person like u.

  10. Spacejunk says:

    There are a bunch of bum notes and chords in the song, unintended guitar sounds and the guitarist seems to be searching for notes instead of playing them.

    Dear Narayan,
    Not everyone is ARR or similar techie to look into the sound processing. There are audiences who may not know about technical aspects of music – but are interested in listening to new voices and moreover experimental music… Get the point??

  11. Harshan says:

    I should say that I was rather amused not annoyed at reading Mr.Narayan’s comment.

    Looks like Mr. Narayan was more bent on listening to the so called bumps (which he thinks is a flaw in mixing)and not really enjoying to this melodius creation.

    It all depends upon how you look a t things in life….some enjoy the earling morning sunrise …but some may look at a cloud ..and say that it is a cloudy day 🙂

    so be it Mr.Narayan …I enjoy the bigger picture …and to me this creation is out of this world !! I love this song and will listen to it umpteen number of times …but you may prefer to listen to the so called bumps 🙂

  12. Ruchi Rana says:

    the song is ultimate….
    the lyrics r too good….
    really sir u r great…
    this will be the super hit song….
    keep on sending me more

  13. Raja says:

    Hats off friend…nice comp..touches heart..keep going..all the best..

  14. Anonymous says:

    hi kaushal!!!!!!!!!! once again i dont have words to express how much i liked it. Its simply beautiful and the best part is the real beauty of the music n words has come out so beautifully with minimal use of instrumental music….its just simply awesum and perfect 🙂


  15. Sanjana says:

    Good song Kaushal. Indeed. However dont you think that voice is not clear that much. I mean pronunciation. As a whole it is a good song.

  16. Usman says:

    Very good composition dear.Not many instruments but good tune.Wonderful. Hey you know what… I am so happy that I am intereacting with a music director of a movie. I mean it sir.:)

  17. Bharat says:

    Excellant lyrics !! basically reality Haqeeqat comprises of the state of things as they actually exist as opposed to how they could possibly exist.It includes factors like truth, fact,incidents occured due to reality which catch holds the indivisual in all aspects of life.

    In this composition reality is depicted in a very melodious way which is perfect with good voice, as said by all I agree that Haqeeqat is out of world and The composition is awesome. And I being a Classical Singer would always like to listen such type of compositions regularly !!! Great Job Keep it UP !!!!!

    Bharat Balvalli.

  18. Deepali says:

    Hello Kaushal,

    The composition is too mesmerizing… don’t know much about the singer but she has sung well… The whole feel takes one back into the darkness… good work.

    smiles 🙂

  19. Hi, Kaushal, Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart, despite the digital age & the menace that we artists face in delivering the content – you have achieved it – finally. The whole thing about music is to deliver content from “Heart to Heart” It’s like old times again – like Salilda & Lata & the ANALOG studio putting together a piece that moves you… We as audience would like to know more about Hansika & you – And wish you all the luck for not getting missed in the crowd…

  20. V. Sharma says:

    In every creative process there is a vacuum between the creator and the observer. What I admire most about Kaushal’s blog is his attempt to bridge this gap and help us (the sadas) observe the creative process from within his mind- the trials, the triumphs and sometimes the failures. This flavors his songs in a unique way as we try to resonate with his music- the late nights, the impressions, the drive back home and the creation.

  21. Dear All,
    I am overwhelmed by the response that the songs have got, especially haqeeqat, which is very close to my heart. My friend, V. Sharma comments that I am bridging the gap between the creator and the observer… I feel that it is the ultimate compliment if I am being successful in doing that. That was the whole purpose of my blog. I think that the listener completes the creative process… and also inspires it in many ways. And failures in this process can make you as ecstatic as the successes because failure in art is still not without charm! I am really thankful to aparna and harshan who have shared the songs with their friends with fervour and zest and also to V.Sharma who has been a part of my growing up as an artist. I am also thankful to Narayan who never says anything he doesn’t mean and is as ferocious in his criticism as he is generous with praise. Thanks to all those who heard this song and shared it with their friends.

  22. Manish says:

    क्या बात है ! क्या बात है हुजूर, बहुत खूब मन खुश कर दिया आपने। क्या ये गीत अब तक किसी फिल्म का हिस्सा बन पाया है ?

  23. mee yojana says:

    Dear Kaushalji,
    I'm just speechless when I heard u'r tune aisa karam kiya….I don't belive how can someone write such heart touching things..but some incidents really changes us innerly..same feeling I faced on Mumbai blast day..& I even wrote few lines…..
    एक मायूसी सी भर जाती हे मान में
    ठहर जाता हे वक़्त ये लम्हे ….
    न अतीत .न वर्तमान ,न भविष्य
    किन घडीयोंसे भुलाये तुम्हे…
    चेहरा बदल के आओगे या नकाब ओढे ,
    बेसब्र न होंगे अ़ब जाँ की गुहार लिए …..
    thats what I feel that day..
    But u'r great Musician & great poet also.
    Once again…
    Best Wishes….

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