Life with You is a Cup of Coffee

A very famous chain of coffee shops in India has this tagline written on its banners – ‘A lot can happen over coffee’. True, but not at the coffee shops which sport the tagline. The loud music, the constantly blinking television sets deprive you of the leisure of having coffee, and the ‘lot’ that can actually happen over it. These coffee shops, in a way, symbolise the schizophrenic personality of our metropolises. There are multiple TV monitors showing different channels, and loud music playing some entirely different music totally unrelated to any of the channels. The volume of this music denies any kind of possibility of a conversation that should otherwise remain private and intimate.
There is a romance about coffee that alas, these multinational coffee joints do not comprehend. The South Indian hotels in Mumbai have this romance by default. The tiny steel glass and bowl coffee not only is better coffee, but carries with it an atmosphere that huge china clay cups don’t recognise.
I, personally, have a special place for coffee in my heart (although I am a regular tea drinker), and also for those members of the opposite sex with whom I have had coffee. Romance comes in degrees, and having an intimate cup of strongly brewed coffee, is more romantic than, say holding hands! To all those girls and women, with whom I have shared this cup of coffee, I dedicate this song.


  1. Aparna says:

    wow…..this is really amazing Kaushal….music as well as lyrics!!!!!!good job as always!!!!!very light mood song…the coffeee mood song…too gud!!!!

  2. Dipti says:

    Kaushalji, Khup chaan gaana ahe… Both the lyrics and music….Ashcih gaani bavat ja 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have always love this combo… KAPI & MUSIC… its so relaxing and yes… this is a tribute to all coffee lovers …especially those with the creative & artistic nerve… Extremely well composed song and straight-from-the-heart lyrics….. Cheers to Kapi!!

  4. Sachin says:

    nehamipramane apratim composition……….kya baat hai!!

  5. Priya Bapat says:

    Hiiii!! as i have already told you it’s a lovely composition i dont have to reemphasise it. You are a great composer and also a great singer Kaushal!!!! Great Job!!! i Really Love this song. Keep it up we would like to hear many more such songs from you!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    naveen program suru karuyaaaaaaaa!

    Kapi with Kaushal

  7. I heard this song early this morning and it was as refreshing as my morning coffee. Very nice composition and lyrics and extremely well sung by Kaushal. The rawness and the “I care a damn for perfection” attitude works very well for this song.

    The female vocals stand out in contrast though. Is it Hamsika?
    She has sung it like how she always does, very skillfully, like a very good singer. However, it does not keep up the magic of the male voice.

    I shall now await assaults from all the Kaushal Kattarpanthees!!!

    Narayan Parasuram

  8. Hey Narayan,

    Thanks for the appreciation in my role as a singer. The mantle of the singer was donned only because of the low budget! And a little selfish possessiveness about the song! And while you wait for all the assaults, you can thank your stars that I, for one, am not a Kaushal Kattarpanthee!!!

  9. To Aparna, Dipti, Anonymous 1, Sachin, Priya,and Anonymous 2!

    Thanks for the appreciation folks. Kaapi with Kaushal seems to be a good idea, and since the name of programme will begin with K, I think Ekta Kapoor can be persuaded to produce it! I am however a little unwilling to change the spelling of my name to Kkaooshaaal… or something like that!
    Priya, you are very sweet to me! And I am really glad that you like my songs.
    Feel free to distribute the link among your coffee loving friends.

  10. pushkala says:

    loved it…wondering whose the female voice was……….
    its so much like hamsika’s voice

  11. Anonymous says:

    Since Narayan faced music from the audience for his criticism in Haqeeqat composition, he still thinks that he will face music again for his comments this time.

    To brief up – there are two kinds of people who criticize
    One who criticize and enjoy the music
    Another one who criticize and only criticize the music

    This is surely not Kaushal Kattarpanthee’ness – but just being sarcastic.

    Kaapi with Kaushal ko itna seriously le liya 😀

    -Anonymous2 (Appu)

  12. Sumukhi says:

    majjaa aali ! yeh coffee ke lamhe vaakai taarife kaabil hain !!!!!!!

  13. Prashant says:

    when i contacted KAUSHAL, he replied in the most humble way, he is a gem of a person and as a musician; i will say he is MAGICIAN, may GOD enlighten his way to stardom coz every score that he composes comes directly from his Heart.

  14. Kaushal,

    I’m myself a coffee lover, and as you said, not the one who hang around the modern coffee chains with a lot of musical noise and all. But the very concept of romance in coffee is really different and on top of that you have your own songs to dedicate to such a situation.

    Great song and great concept.
    Waiting for more to come.

  15. Kaushal,

    I’m myself a coffee lover, and as you said, not the one who hang around the modern coffee chains with a lot of musical noise and all. But the very concept of romance in coffee is really different and on top of that you have your own songs to dedicate to such a situation.

    Great song and great concept.
    Waiting for more to come.

  16. mukesh says:

    amazing…….great…coffee with karan ke tarah aap bhi ek serial TV main launch karo “coffee with kaushal”………:P

  17. vandana says:

    hi kaushal,
    thanx for this cup of cofee! mjja ali!

  18. ankul says:

    its a superb composition….its got a soothing feel to it…..this song has proved tht a lot can happen over a coffee

  19. akila says:

    hey!!!!!! well done! u kno exactly wat the listeners want!!!!!!!!

  20. Rishi says:

    mastay hehi!

    i have been a more of a coffee drinker since being here..
    ur song reminds me of one classic setup – thames riverside, breeze and life over a cup of coffee!!!

  21. K. M. Ameer says:

    Amazing composition. Beautiful tune, arrangment and vocals. best Wishes

  22. shubhangi says:

    hi Kaushal…
    mast jamliye ‘coffee’…!
    i liked the a lil dash of ‘Gulzar’ in the lyric…

  23. jayant says:


    Wud love to hear this with VDO…

    Kaushal jee, plz think over it..

  24. sonal chitnis says:

    hey kaushalji… doubt a nice one again from u…!!!!
    life is no doubt ‘a cup of coffee; with someone really special….
    u took me to a wonderful eve ..long back….

    thanks dear…carry on…we r waiting for more….!!!!

  25. amit says:

    Good song sir!! gane theka dharayla lavtay.. good aiktana feel hota ki pavsat coffe pitoy 🙂

  26. Hello Sir,
    Thanx 4 dis wonderful gift that u have given me…
    I really liked the song…
    I think no other singer could b suited as good as u did, as d song is ur baby…

  27. prachi says:

    I found it really grt,,:)
    Will wrote more about it later on..

  28. meera says:

    Hi Kaushal,

    The song is really soothing and lyrics are interesting too.
    Tuza Hindi gaaneme pahilyanda aikale and it was nice.

  29. abhijit says:

    hi….. 2 good! khup chan, tujhi pratyek composition far surekh asate.

  30. baar – baar sunne ka dil hota hai
    aur aapki aawaaz hansika ke saath,
    bahut achhi lagi
    lyrics bahut sundar……

  31. Sudhir says:

    It was a wonderful tribute Coffee. I think your compositon & rendition both were so good.hats off to you.

  32. kunal says:

    hey kaushal,
    well done…a good song overall…a soothing effect imprinted on the tune…
    well which software have u used for the track designing…fruityloops, reason,etc ..?

  33. DADA



  34. raghuram says:

    hi Kaushal.

    That was really nice!!!!…..This 3:15 sec song has got everything related to music(lyrics,voice,….).Music lovers will definitely enjoy this music.i would suggest you to send this song to all communities in orkut.In my view,this song is not only confined to coffee lovers…

    I will be happy if u have more experiences,so that u can compose more songs…..:)….

    thank you for such a sweet song.

  35. Anonymous says:

    This is the first time I’m hearing you..chanced upon your profile …love the song…especially the music an female vocals…I male voice was very distracting though…doesnt gel well with the song and especialy as a duet undermines the song’s bubbly brilliance…Overall a very refreshing song!

  36. Saboo says:

    Wow, Kaushal ji, very nice song…Lyrics are also as good as song… You sang very well..very light mood song after a long time..
    congratulations !!

  37. kaustubh says:

    kaushal sir it was brilliant composition….
    ur too good sir as always….
    the song which creates the mood to think about romance and COFFEE….
    toooooo gud!!!!!

  38. ash says:

    thats a love music i just heard its soothing to ur ears nice one

  39. jui says:

    this is really refreshing song …like a cup of cofee with dear frd 🙂
    & who is that female voice??
    ..very sweet voice

  40. Anonymous says:

    Wah!Dillitli masta nivanta thandi; hatat garam coffee cup with this song after delicious dinner!!!! the apt song for such situation

  41. Sri says:

    Hi Kaushal..

    This is Sri from cincivoice.

    Super superr… relaxing voice I felt I am in a coffe shop… really great keep it up.

    May GOD Bless for all your future endeavours.

  42. Okay guys… this is amazing! Your response was breathtaking. I really wish this song which featured in It’s Breaking News CD would have reached the larger audience. Responses have been pouring in not only on the blog but also on my orkut & facebook scrapbooks, my email and even phone and sms. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed. To clear the air of mystery, the female singer in the song is Hamsika Iyer, who herself prepares some fantastic coffee! She is a fantastic singer and a very dear friend. The male voice is mine, and there have been some raised eyebrows about that. I would have taken a better singer but the budget didn’t permit it. Please do share this cup of coffee with your friends… Costs nothing!

  43. Samir says:

    Good job as always Kaushal…keep it up…i dont need to write about ur compositions.. gr8 as always….About your skills as a singer i might just add that You with your “different” “hatke” voice and style stand a better chance of making it as a singer than any of us mainstreamers…these days what is different works i guess….even if it is quircky, odd or even remember its ur trump card…. Cheers :)) Samir Date

  44. Gowri Nair says:

    OUT OF THE WORLD! Truly!

    Hats OFF to You.. 🙂

  45. pranita says:

    1dam sahiii sir….khupach sundar
    lyrics,music….ashich sundar gani aamha sarv fans na aaikayla miludet hiich echha…

  46. Anonymous says:

    It would be a great success, if you record this song in professional singers voice … tune is too good!!

  47. Parthivi says:

    the song is real good…I am not saying this just for the sake of it..But overall it’s really appealing and it’s really appreciative that someone is thinking on different lines…”coffee”…hatke topic..Actually,being a Junior College student I too think like you…everywhere we go nowadays there is loud,harsh music and a television set with some music channel playing songs..the “real” essence of having coffee has indeed been frgotten…For example…whn people say “BAARISH MEIN CHAI AUR PAKODE KHANE KA MAZAA KUCH AUR HI HAIN”…same way…that “kuch aur” maza is as if forgotten…

  48. suresh says:

    sir gagan jhulachi aathvan jhali

  49. Madhura says:

    Hey Kaushal,
    You have moved me with this composition and made nostalgic too 😉 Very Soothing one! Catching the exact romantic mood and takes u down the memory lane.I did remember the moments spent with a cup of coffee with friends in college days and even after and specially the one who shared mine 🙂 thanks for a grrr8 song ! and yes there is an indication of u being a grr8 fan of RD – Lovely Guitar at the background.I shared the song on the coffee table with my friends on MP3 and what a lovely evening we had.
    Waiting for such kind of more treats from u 🙂

  50. Harshan says:

    Kaushal …finally got to listen to this one.

    Loved the light romantic mood in this song …nice lyrics and tune.

    Hamsika was excellent as usual. Kaushal, kya baat hai …very good singing.

    Looking forward to more of these.

  51. mayuresh tendulkar says:

    yet another beauty from you kaushal dada! wish i had this song on my i pod though.

  52. Add says:

    Hello Kaushal,
    I came across your blog while searching for something entirely unrelated. Your blog is interesting though, and the song is lovely. I enjoyed both. But what I was originally looking for was “Bilhan” – the recreated version of the musical written by Mangesh Padgaonkar.
    I used to have it on a casette back home and I used to totally love it. But I left India two years back and may not go back any time soon. Can you suggest any way to listen to it here, in US of A?
    Is there any online resource where I can hear those songs? Is it available on CD?

  53. COOLDEEPTEA says:

    Same thought at the same place seeing the same ill-placed tag-line 🙂

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