Marathi Asmita – Marathi Abhimaan Geet

In 2005, I composed and performed a prayer at the inauguration of the Mumbai Festival, “Tuzha Soorya Ugave Aamhi Prakaashaat Nhaato”, written by Mangesh Padgaonkar and sung by 63 school children. That, in itself, is good news. The bad news was that after the 7 minutes of that song, apart from a spontaneous speech by Nana Patekar, for the next three hours, not a word of Marathi was spoken on the Mumbai Festival stage.
This is the situation everywhere in the Capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is in Maharashtra, but Maharashtra is nowhere to be seen in Mumbai! Not a single commercial radio station in Mumbai plays a single Marathi song!! (You may hear a Tamil song here and there and quite a few Punjabi songs, but NEVER a Marathi song. When I asked a few of my friends working in these radio stations, they admitted off the record that ‘it makes the station look downmarket’.) Would you like to hear that your mother-tongue is downmarket? In Mumbai, you can’t buy vegetables in Marathi or even go from one place to another in Marathi.

This is a conversation that I had with a customer care executive from Vodafone on their Customer Care number.

I – “Namaskaar, Mala maajhya talk-plan baddal kahi mahiti havi hoti.”
Vodafone Customer Care Executive – “Sorry sir, we are not allowed to talk in Marathi.”
I – “Barobar. Pan mala Marathi bolaychi paravanagi ahe na?”
VCCE – “No sir. We can help you only if you talk in Hindi or English. We are not allowed to talk in Marathi.”
I – “Aho pan, Mumbai ahe na hi? Maharashtrat rahato aapan. Rajyachi bhasha rajyaatach bolaychi paravanagi nahi?”
VCCE – “Dekhiye sir, aap Hindi mein baat kijiye ya agar aapko English aati hai to English mein baat kijiye. We are not allowed to talk in Marathi.”
I – “Hich policy tumhi Chennaila hi follow karata ka?”
VCCE – “Ji?”
I – “Mi vicharal, hich policy tumhi Chennai kinva itar baaherchya rajyanchya shaharanamadhe hi follow karata ka?”
VCCE – “Sir Main aapko baahar ki koi jaankar nahi de sakta. Aap please Hindi ya English mein baat karenge to hi hum aapki madad kar paayenge.”
I – “Aho pan Vodafone Marathit bolanaryanna madatach karnar nahi ka? Maazha talk plan kay aahe evadhach jaanun ghyaychay.”
VCCE – “Dekhiye, kripa karke aap Hindi ya English mein hi baat karein.”
I – “Pan tumchya Maharashtra Goa circle madhale lok boltat ki Marathit. Mumbai madhech ka nahi?”
The Vodafone Customer Care Executive hangs up the phone.

I would really like to know whether Vodafone has the same policy of not speaking Tamil or entertaining customers who insist that they can express best only in Tamil.
In my own State I am told that if I continue to speak in my mother-tongue, which happens to be the official language of that State, I regard this to be an insult to my State, my people, and even to the Constitution of India which gives me a right to talk in my mother-tongue, at least in my own State. There seems to be no unreasonable demand here! It is no as if I am insisting that I should be spoken to in Marathi when I am in Ahmedabad, for example.
After this conversation I also asked a few of my friends to see if they faced a similar problem and they did. We have recorded some of these conversations. If what Raj Thackeray does is considered to be violence then even this sort of a policy is nothing short of violence against a language – the language of the State and the language of the single largest majority in the city.

That Marathi should face such a problem in its own capital is a matter of shame.
The question is not exclusive to Mumbai. The real problem seems to me to be the indifference of the Marathi people towards their own mother-tongue. The movements that go on in the name of Marathi only result in stray violence, arson, and a terribly unstable atmosphere. This prevents the common Marathi person from participating in such so-called movements. And that does not prevent Marathi getting a raw deal, especially in its own capital city of Mumbai.
I honestly feel that if there has to be a sane movement for Marathi as a language, it has to spring from the common-folk. Never was there such urgency for all the Marathi speaking people to come together and stand together. Before we tell the non-Marathi speaking people to respect Marathi, there is a necessity of sowing seeds of self-respect among the Marathi speaking people themselves. MARATHI NEEDS A SONG OF SELF RESPECT!

Labhale amhas bhagya bolato Marathi
Jaahalo kharech dhannya aikato Marathi
Dharma, pantha, jaat ek jaanato Marathi
Evadhya jagaat Maay maanato Marathi!

I have composed music for this poem by Suresh Bhat. I plan to record this song with around 300 singers and around a 100 musicians. The expense for this song can easily be sponsored by one or two sponsors, but doing that will turn this into a ‘commercial’ product, which is not the motive. If this has to remain a movement, it has to involve our participation. If at least 2000 people contribute – and I say contribute, NOT donate – at least Rs. 500 each, this expense of recording the song can be covered. If you participate in this movement, I shall be very happy. Please remember, that this is NOT an appeal for help. This is an INVITATION – an invitation to participate in this movement for Marathi.
This movement already has gathered around 400 activists from India and abroad and this number is growing every day. We plan to release this CD on the 1st of May 2009, on the Maharashtra Day. A booklet will also be released along with CD which will contain the names of ALL the contributors so that a signal will be sent to one and all that this MARATHI ABHIMAAN GEET was the result of 2000+ people COMING TOGETHER and WITHOUT any corporate backing, sponsorships, or political initiative. It is a common feeling of the common Marathi speaking person. The booklet will also contain authentic information about the SANYUKTA MAHARASHTRA MOVEMENT, which is not easily available to people of my generation and the coming generations. The language-wise reorganisation of States was done in 1956 and yet it took 4 years for the Marathi speaking people to get a State of their own. Thousands circle the Hutatma Chowk everyday without knowing its significance, and then question the necessity of knowing Marathi in Mumbai! Some blogs refer to Mumbai being “TAKEN AWAY BY MAHARASHTRIANS BY USING STRONG ARM TACTICS!” So it is a requirement that the authentic information about the SANYUKTA MAHARASHTRA MOVEMENT reaches every Marathi speaking person. Prof. Sanjay Ranade, HOD of the Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication will be authoring this part of the booklet which will be published by MOUJ PRAKASHAN, one of the most credible and distinguished publishing houses in Maharashtra.
Every participant will get a copy of this CD and booklet delivered to their doorstep at no cost.

You may send your cheques or DDs favouring “Marathi Asmita”, 102, Triveni, Shuchidham, Film City Marg, Near Dindoshi Bus Depot, Goregaon (E), Mumbai – 400063. For any queries contact Mandar Gogate on 9820877279. You can also go to

I urge every person who loves his/her mother-tongue to participate in this movement… and that includes AR Rahman who did his mother-tongue proud by speaking it on the Oscars Stage!

© Kaushal S. Inamdar, 2007


  1. Marathi says:

    I am one participant. Please count me in this song as a monetary contributor and a singer. I can produce the credentials of a being a good singer, champion at all college gatherings and intercollegiate in Mumbai. I am working on the Interstate Migrant Labor Act 1979. Its implementation is being demanded.

  2. कौशल, मराठी अस्मितेबद्दलचा हा लेख मराठीतूनच लिहिला असता तर आवडलं असतं

  3. प्रिय माझी दुनिया, या संकेतस्थळावर हाच लेख मराठीतून लिहिला आहे. शिवाय माझ्या मराठी ब्लॉगवर (क्षितिज जसे दिसते) मी हा लेख मराठीत लिहिणार आहे. पण इंग्रजीतून हा लेख मला माझ्या अनेक अमराठी मित्रांसाठीही लिहावासा वाटला. माझं कुठल्याही भाषेशी वैर नाही. किंबहुना इंग्रजी आणि उर्दू या भाषांवर माझं विशेष प्रेम आहे. आणि म्हणूनच कुठल्याही भाषेची अवहेलना मला सहन होत नाही. इंग्रजीतून लिहिणे यात गैर ते काय? मराठी अस्मितेबद्दल मी गेले सहा महिने विविध स्तरांवर बोलतच आहे. मला आढळून आले की मुंबईतील इंग्रजी वर्तमानपत्र मराठी विश्वातल्या घडामोडींकडे जाणीवपूर्वक डोळेझाक करतात. इंग्रजीमधला हा लेख त्यांच्यासाठी आहे. एका भाषेची हेटाळणी करून काही आपली भाषा थोर होत नसते. प्रत्येक भाषेचं आपलं असं सामर्थ्य असतं. आपण हा विचार लक्षात घ्यावा. मूळ मुद्दा आहे की मराठीच्या होणाऱ्या ससेहोलपटीला विविध स्तरावर वाचा फोडणं. मी आपल्याकडे जे मूळ पत्रक पाठवलं ते ही मराठीतच होतं की. मराठीवर प्रेम करणं म्हणजे इंग्रजी किंवा कुठल्याही इतर भाषेचा दु:स्वास करणं असा अर्थ होत नाही. या लेखामागची भूमिका आपण लक्षात घेऊन याचा थोड्या खुल्या मनाने विचार करावा ही नम्र विनंती.

  4. कौशल, हरकत नाही, तुमची भूमिका पटण्यासारखी आहे.

  5. Anonymous says:

    tumhi je mhantahat te sarve marathi mansachya manat aahe. mala aavadel tumachyabarobar samil hoyala…
    marathi abhimaan geetasathi kase participate karayche te sangitale tar bare hoil

  6. sachin says:

    Mi aaple Gane SA RE GA MA PA var aikale mala marathi aslyacha Far Abhiman aahe pan Marathi mansala saglyat pudhe aani Marathi Bhashela tyahi pudhe Baghayla avadel tya sathi mala aplya sagalya marathi mansan sathi kahin karnyachi icha aahe tari aapan mala margadarshan karave hi icha….


  7. Subhash says:

    Being a Mumbaikar Marathi person, I can feel the pain that you must have experienced with the Vodafone experience. I agree on many of your points in this blog. You have rightly mentioned that so far, especially in the recent past, political parties like Shiv sena and now MNS haev tried doing something about Marathi. But their agitations have mainly been related to jobs and many times violent in nature which make them unreasonable for rational people. But there has not been any struggle or active movement regarding Marathi culture. Raj Thackeray talks about Marathi language and culture in his speeches; but not sure how much he will be able to do for Marathi culture as such being a politician.
    Any way, it is really heartening to know that someone who is already a welknown music director is taking up the cause of Marathi. This is one of a kind of movement for Marathi language and culture.
    At the same time, if we really want to find out why such situation does not happen with languages in other states (though happens somewhat with Kannada in Bangalore), we should admit that Marathi people are not so much culture conscious or language conscious. For a Marathi person, there is always a confusion of Marathi first or Indian first and most often he concludes that he is Indian first. Other people (like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengalies, Punjabis) are more strongly attached to their own culture. They don’t have any confusion about who they are. For them, they are Indians because they are Tamil or Telugu or Kannada. This is actually true because what is India? Is there anything Indian that does not belong to any of the states? Nothing! Marathi people, in their minds, have created this false notion of being secondary to more noble national cause etc. This also applies to their acceptance of Hindi as national language. Remember that MPs from all four south Indian states and Bengal opposed Hindi as sole national language. Why? Not because they hated Hindi; but because they loved their language so much that they identified their culture as Indian culture for themselves (which is absolutely true). To this date, Marathi people consider Hindi language as superior to their own language. In doing so, they have lost their identity. Even Shiv sena says that they will support Hindi in Assam but Marathi should be given due respect in Maharashtra. Its not going to help. When you say support Hindi in Assam, you are saying that Assamese person should support Hindi (and not Marathi) in Maharashtra, right? So, I think the assumption of Marathi being a secondary or state language should be removed out by Marathi people from their minds. At the same time, Marathi people should start respecting other Indian languages (other than Hindi which they have pampered too much till now). That would be true national integration.
    You must have seen many examples of this difference between Marathi and other non-Hindi people. Rehman talks Tamil at Oscars when he gets award for an English movie which is partly in Hindi. Why? He does not need Hindi film industry to achieve his stature. But Hindi film industry needs Rehman. Same is true about Rajnikant in Tamil, Rajkumar in Kannada, Chiranjeevi in Telugu. Satyajeet Ray did not crave for recognition in Hindi. But look at Marathi artists .. even great artists (of course with rare exceptions). They are not satisfied untill they do something in Hindi (tumhi Hindi gaani pan gaa .. nusti Marathi nako .. go to a bigger level .. Marathit changle kaam kele ki Hindit kadhee jaanar asa prashan etc). Unless and untill this secondary level mentality is not discarded by Marathi people, I don’t think Marathi culture is going to remain comparable to other non-Hindi cultures of India.

  8. Anonymous says:

    find that vodafone can ack multi languages

    media contacts (india wide)
    Anindita Sarkar / Diya Nair
    Mobile : 9830060673 / 9830913939

  9. Subhash says:

    Oh .. glad to see a response from Vodafone media relations executives. I am not sure how Mr. Kaushal would react; but I personally feel happy; at least they took notice of it and felt it was their responsibility to respond to the blog. Of course, I am not the blogger and the one who underwent the experience. So I cannot comment more.
    Any way, not exactly sure about what Mr. Kaushal wants to say; but my main concern is that there is not enough done for the betterment, sustenance and growth of regional languages and culture in India as compared to Hindi. And one of the main reasons is that Hindi was voted (by one vote difference) in the Parliament as (to be) sole national language. Some languages (like Bengali, Tamil) still manage to maintain their dignified indentity as major Indian languages (not only in India but abroad as well) due to the sheer love and bond that thier native speakers have for them (not due to Hindi hate). Marathi is a loser of a language because it is abandoned as secondary language (secondary to Hindi) by its own fellow Marathi speakers.
    Thanks Vodafone executives, for taking note of this and responding.
    And Maharashtrian fellows; don’t worry; you would get plenty of such examples 🙂

  10. Sagar says:

    Kaushal – I was bit late in reading your blog. But I heard you on TV, I heard your song in SaReGaMa. Your effort is excellent. I would like to contribute. If it is not too late I will send DD to your address

  11. Mr. Inamdar-

    I am genuinely sorry you feel this way. I also want to thank "Subhash" for trying to bring a different and refreshing perspective. I am a Tamilian who lived in Mumbai for 3 years in my early 20s. Like many people who come to Mumbai – I loved it. And like you mentioned, I barely ever heard Marathi the first two years when I studied in college. I did not love Mumbai because of that but the reason why people love it is because the city and its people (for the most part) embrace and accept you. Regardless of where you may be from, what language you speak etc.

    But when I started working things changed radically. Artists in the studio would not help out unless you spoke to them in Marathi and cops would specifically pick on my fiance and me and tell us to "go back to Kerala where we came from." As I mentioned, I am not from Kerala. But this sort of parochial hatred is often rooted in a lot of ignorance and insecurity.

    I have a fair share of Maharashtrian friends and my aunt married one as well. I can tell you from the outside that you are a fiercely proud group of people. If the city is accepting of people who are not your own it is something to be proud of and that is what makes places like Mumbai, Bangalore, New York and Los Angeles more special, progressive and prosperous.

    I can also tell you that most groups of people feel persecuted and believe that their language/culture is not appreciated. You mention how Tamilians feel all that pride. I can tell you that the anti-Hindi backlash does not come from Tamil pride but from insecurity that our heritage will be diluted.

    It is a fantastic thing to be proud of who you are, where you come from etc. We may all be better served to be proud to be Indian but at the same time also be proud of our caste, creed, language, religion, gender etc without trying to establish its superiority over others. Otherwise it comes off like a child saying "my daddy is better than your daddy" and in worse cases like those sponsored by Raj Thackeray, people just get hurt.

    Best regards
    Yet another writing desi

  12. Dear Shri yet another writing desi,

    I appreciate your views and also understand them to a certain degree. But I am certain you would understand that I am not at all being jingoistic in my approach. The problem with most Marathi people in Mumbai is that they don't feel good about who they are inside. I recorded a chorus of 330 people yesterday and there were a lot of Tamilians, Malyalis, Kannadigas, Bengalis and Gujaratis along with Maharashtrians in the crowd. I really don;t see why you feel sorry for the way I do. My movement is NOT targeted AGAINST anybody. But take for instance a "policy" followed by many companies. Vodafone had (and to their credit they changed it) a policy of NOT speaking in Marathi in the capital of Maharashtra. Now, NOWHERE IN INDIA such a policy is followed by these companies. The same company has a policy of State language first in Gujarat or Bengal or Tamil Nadu. I have a lot of cosmopolitan friends, and I am sorry for the treatment you got from cops in Maharashtra. But that is not the general scene. Also I think that Raj Thackeray has been grossly misrepresented by the English press. His point of railway board exams was extremely valid. Did you know that in Kolhapur, for example, the railway enquiry form has options of Kannada, Hindi and English, but no Marathi! The point is that it happens nowhere else in this country. You can tell me better. But I have been to Cochin and Trivendrum and am a great fan of Malyalam movies. Is there a single radio station in these cities which has a policy of NOT PLAYING MALYALAM SONGS? Well, radio stations in Mumbai HAVE this policy! And they do it on the grounds that Marathi is a downmarket language. Would you agree with that? It is these things that led to this song and has many of my non-Marathi friends like Shankar Mahadevan and Mahalaxmi Iyer and Hamsika Iyer participating in this song. I hope you will appreciate the spirit of the song, instead of condemning it as a jingoistic exercise. Please read the news in today's DNA. You will know exactly what I mean. I am thankful to you for having noted your point of view.


  13. YAW desi says:

    Hi Kaushal-

    I appreciate you writing back. I apologize for some miscommunication of intent in some of the things I said. My writing style may have been Americanized from living here for the past decade so I wanted to clarify certain things.

    I did not mean to say “I feel sorry FOR you.” The usage just meant that I feel your pain, that I empathize and even feel a little responsible in some way. I think the way you are handling the situation is admirable. To use art/music as a way to unite, express and make a change is brilliant!

    I did not know about the policy in Kolhapur, corporate customer support policies or radio stations etc until I started having this conversation with you. You are absolutely right. There is no reason Maharashtra or Maharashtrians should be made to feel like second citizens just because they embrace more people from more places. And if other states have that right where their language gets prime status, there is absolutely no reason it should be different for Maharashtra.

    Also forgive my ignorance but I did not know what DNA meant and couldn’t tell which song it was that you were referring to – the one with Shankar Mahadevan, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Hamsika. I would love to listen to it. And considering I did not know which song you were referring to, I could not possibly think you were jingoistic because of it 🙂

    The one last point I am really hoping you can shed light on is Raj Thackeray. I must admit that to me it does seem like goondaism and about political mileage more than anything else. What you do seems to stem from true pride and love for your language but it is tough to see what he does in the same light. Especially in the light of the Azmi/MNS melee I would hugely appreciate your views on what his motivations really are? You say he has been misrepresented – can you clarify for me why you think so. I ask this genuinely since I really do want the Maharashtrian perspective on that. I was going to blog about the Azmi issue and would prefer to do it after hearing your view. I have access to a lot of folks who subscribe to the liberal elite view that you refer to (English press) and I can reach out to them.

    And two unrelated things – I am a woman (but don’t want to be referred to as Shrimati 🙂 ) and while we are talking about regional pride and respect – that would be MalAyalam. I don’t mean any disrespect by saying that but it is definitely a perceived issue in the South that no one above the Vindhyas cares to know the difference between the 4 Dravidian states. We all have our own pet issues isn’t it :)?

  14. Ninad says:

    Tuzya sarkhya marathi lokancha mala abhimaan ahe. Agree totally on your views expressed in the post relaated to your conversation with the Vodafone execuitve.

  15. Thank you so much Ninad! I read your blog too and agree with what you say. The one great of point of victory was that after this blog, and my innumerable references to Vodafone's policies in my various public programmes, Vodafone had to change their policy to include Marathi on their IVR! I think we can get things done even without the militancy!

  16. Subhash says:

    YAW Desi, I will write my understanding of how Raj Thackeray has been misrepresented by national (Hindi and English) media. These national channels or newspapers are very quick to show the beating of north Indian people by MNS activists. Not only quick, but repeating it again and again. In any news about Raj, they say how he (or his party) is taking law in his (or their) hands, spreading hatred and violence etc. The other side is totally absent. But on Marathi channels and in Marathi newspapers, this is not the case. The reporting is much more balanced and is closer to the facts. Also, the national media shows only those parts of Raj's speeches which portray him as agressive and rude non-Marathi hater or whose only objective is destroying Shiv Sena. Actually, this is not the case.
    For example, in his recent speech, Raj mentioned that according to Indian constituion, Hindi is not national language but official language (which is the truth). Raj also quoted Pandit Nehru saying that Pandit Nehru himself said that languages like Bengali, Tamil and other Indian languages are also national languages. But national media did not show or write any word about this. The headlines were either Raj praised Mamta Bannerji for starting Railway exams in all languages (which is actually good part of the reporting) and criticized Shiv Sena for not dealing hard with Abu Azmi for insulting Balasaheb Thackeray (which national media must have enjoyed while reporting). These two points came out loud on national media. But not the points that Raj made reading out sentences from constitution.
    Another example; Raj has always said in his speeches that he is not against migration but against illegal migration of people from UP and Bihar. He has often talked about the industries act that requires companies to ask for permission before hiring out of state workers. I don't think any national media has ever mentioned this about Raj. But Marathi people have heard this clearly in his speeches/interviews.
    Another example; Raj has repeatedly said that he is neither against any language including Hindi nor he hates any language. But he wants due respect to be given to Marathi. Now, what is wrong in this? In one of his speeches, he has said that he does not have any problem with migrants from UP or Bihar if they speak Marathi and love Maharashtra as a Marathi person. National media bypasses such speeches. But Marathi people hear these speeches.
    Raj has tried to define who is Marathi. When doing so, he has talked about rich Marathi literary tradition started from Saints like Dnyaneshwar and carried forward by Sant Tukaram right upto Kusumagraj. This is very much appealing to any Marathi person. But for national media, these are inconsequential statements.
    In one of his interviews, Raj had shown high regard for former PM Narasimha Rao mentioning that he knew so many languages. And mentioning how a language (not just Marathi but any language) has rich tradition and should be preserved. But national media did not show this anywhere.
    These were only some of the examples.
    Please note that this was my understanding and Mr. Kaushal or any other person would have his/her perspective of national media which is likely to be different. But I wanted to reply to you as an example Marathi person.

  17. aditya says:

    mi hi comment marathi madhe lihile asti pun mazhya system madhe ti font available nahi !!! mhanun english madhe marathi type karat aahe

    tumcha blog madhe marathi bhasha baddal waeet anubhav wachale nehmi lokankadun aaykala miltat
    pun hyachavar action kay
    soost basoon baghnyara lokanna hich sikhsha !!!!

  18. Aashish (Sydney) says:

    Good work. Every time I visit Mumbai I can feel Mumbai slipping away. Unfortunately to speak Marathi in Mumbai (and even Pune nowadays) is taken as 'ghati' labour class. Hence look around, the only Marathis I see are security men in shopping centres perhaps thanks to Shiv Sena Union. Even Marathi salespersons in shops refuse to speak in Marathi. I cannot understand how this situation has come to pass. Are the Marathi politicians without 'marathi asmita'? Again a failing of the Marathi people themselves who are probably too embarrassed to talk in Marathi. The great Maratha power reduced to dust.

  19. atul.tiwar says:

    Namaskar Sir,

    First of all, I am really sorry for being too too late to view this blog and feeling bad for being not able to contribute my Best to it…

    Let me introduce myself as its for the first time I am ever writing in a Blog.
    I work as a Programmer with IT corporate.
    Marathi Rangbhumi aani Sangeetachi Avad Shalepasunach hoti pan ti Vadhli SA RE GA Ma Pa Lil champs nantar.
    I completely agree with your views for Marathi karan Marathiche Honaare apmaan, he oficela jatana
    pahayla milte pan prayatna karat asto ki Marathichach vapar nehmi karava..
    Marathi Abhimaan Geetabaddal tumche interview thodya divsanpurvi Star Majhavar Pahile aani Khoop Khoop Bare vatle..pan khant evdhich ki mala kahi contribution deta aale nahi…
    EK Goshta Muddaam sangavishi vatte ki 27th February he "Marathi Din" aahe, he suddha aaplya kahi Marathi Mansanna mala Sangave lagle…
    Mi evdhech kele ki majhya parichayatlya lokanna Marathi Dinachi Mahati Sangnaare mail pathavle, Kusumagrajanchi Mahti Sagnaare mail pathavle, Aani Suresh Bhat yanchi Kavita eka mail madhun pathavli aani Avarjun Sarvanna kalavle ki ya 27 Feb la Marathi Abhimaan Geet tumhi Sadar karnaar aahat aani mhanun sarvanni tyache Anandane Swagat Karave…..Evdhech kay te Mala karta Aale (I did this before reading this Blog)…
    Marathi Mansaat pahile Marathi baddal Abhimaan asla pahije tarach dusre hi ticha Maan Rakhtil..
    Ek Common Man mhanun jitke karta yeil, titke karat aahe..
    Once again really sorry for getting into this Blog very very late and not contributing to the song.
    Marathi Abhimaan Geeta Baddal Tumche Khoop Khoop Abhaar.

  20. Naresh says:


    Congratulations for your sucess full launch of the song

    लाभले आम्हास भाग्या बोलतो मराठी
    जाहालो खरेच धणण्या ऐकतो मराठी
    धर्मा, पँता, जात एक जाणतो मराठी
    एवढ्या जगात माय मानतो मराठी

    This is a great effort & has built confidence in lot of marathis….

    The efforts of Raj Thackery are also working out well…

    I think we all marathis need to have two more thing in mind & that is we need to get united. We maharashtrians are famous for not being united. Which has worked to the advantage of other people.

    Another important thing is all the maharashtrian youth should secure good jobs in public / private or MNC …. I am sure lot are already there. They should try to reach to the top by smart work.

    These two things will make our presence felt every were in Mumbai. At the same time we all should speak in Marathi at all levels.

    Let me give you an example I am working in Dubai the local language of this place is Arabic but most of the people cant talk in Arabic but if you greet people in Arabic you get respect in this place.

    Also I would like to tell one more thing the FM channels play Nasik Dhol music very frequently on air I also heard lajim music once – so to hell with people who call it down market….

  21. KEDAR says:

    Khup chhan zala gaane. Mi tumachya facebook var lihile ahe. Pranjal bhavananche pradarshan sakade karavese vatat nahi. mhanun ithe lihine talto.

  22. ajinkya says:

    mala marathi abhiman geet kuthun milel…………?

  23. ebuzz says:

    Aapratim, Hya geetchi pratyek oal aikatach Abhimaanane maan uncha hote…
    Mi he bolayla ikta motha nahi aahe pan maza manat kharach asa vichar aala ki
    Aaj jar Maharaj aaste tar tyanna hi Tumcha Khup Abhimaan watla aasta, pan hya cha hi dukkha asta ki aaj Maharashtrat Marathi Bhashechi Jaaniv Krun Dyawi Lagte. Itaranna soda, pratham bhoomi putrannach.

  24. prasad chavan says:

    Aapratim, Hya geetchi pratyek oal aikatach Abhimaanane maan uncha hote…
    Mi he bolayla ikta motha nahi aahe pan maza manat kharach asa vichar aala ki
    Aaj jar Maharaj aaste tar tyanna hi Tumcha Khup Abhimaan watla aasta, pan hya cha hi dukkha asta ki aaj Maharashtrat Marathi Bhashechi Jaaniv Krun Dyawi Lagte. Itaranna soda, pratham bhoomi putrannach.

  25. hi! here is the hi–res version of the Marathi abhimaangeet video!

  26. Kaustubh says:

    Kaushal, plz give me the complete lyrics of this song. Mastach gaana aaahe. my email id is


  27. Anonymous says:


    Let me start by saying what a beautiful song you have made, maybe you should attempt a national integration project next. Coming to the points put forth by others in support of Raj Thackeray and also saying that he has been 'misrepresented' by the 'english' media it almost seems like you are alleging that there is a larger conspiracy at play here while forgetting that all media, not just the national media, indulges in eye-catching headlines. That does not mean that they are always wrong! Your experiences with Vodafone are deplorable and I am very happy that in this particular case the situation has been mended. About the railway exams issue, if it is true then it needs to be corrected and our constitution has provided means for redressal of such grievances and such avenues should be made use of. Raj Thackeray on the other hand is using a few such issues to further his own cause, he has effectively hijacked these issues. The solution to any issues involving cultural identity does not ever lie in insulating a culture but rather lies in greater cultural exchange. Culture can never be imposed and no culture is superior to any other. We should promote cultural exchange as I am sure you do as a deeper understanding of other cultures and sharing your own only serves to strengthen our bonds…. I am glad sir that you have made this point in your blog and also the point that to be pro-marathi you don't have to be anti-hindi or anti-anyone else for that that matter, but it is sad that not everyone reading your blog seems to understand that…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kaushal & All,

    First of all sorry for not writing this response in Marathi due to anavilablity of the devnagari font.There is no question about the greatness of this song. What I would like everyone of you in this blog is to email about this song or to send a youtube link to download this song to each and every Maharastrian Friend of yours. Possibly you can also send the link of this blog where Vodafone experience shared by Kaushal. This way we can spread the message of Kaushal.

    Kaushal, what I have felt is that although there are many Marathi blogs on the net but we should have such a blog or website everyone should know about it in Maharashtra where all the views are shared across all of Maharahstra. For example, your Vodafone experience could be shared on this blog/Website and all the people across Maharahstra should phone Vodafone offices in India/Golbe to condem this act and we can also ask our fellows to stop using Vodafone services. This way we can all unite and teach them lesson. Same can be done with Radio Stations. Apart from this People from one district don't know much about other districts. This website would contain everything about Maharashtra's Places, Food, People, Music, Movies (including download), Sahitya, Granthas, Detailed Hostory, Tourist places etc. I am requestiong you since I am not that tech savvy.


  29. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kaushik,

    Please remove the word 'Ghati' from one your Sideney blogger's comment.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Marathi Asmita che gane ani blog english madhye , waa , sundar … apan marathi lokach asale dhande karu shakato , sagal ardhwat , technology nakkich Devnagari font vaparu dete nahi ka Mr,Kaushik , tula english ani urdu awadatat ani kuthalyahi bhashecha anadar sahan hot nahi , mag blog chi natak kashala , je apan bolto tashich kruti aswati , Budhi nirnay ghete re pan man tyala sath det nahi na !

  31. Subhash says:

    Mr (or Ms) Anonymous, why do you say that saying that Raj Thackeray is misrepresented by English and Hindi media is almost like alleging a larger conspiracy? May be it is or it is not; but no doubt the "national" media is "clearly" misrepresenting Raj Thackeray. Take any, absolutely any of Raj Thackeray's lectures or interviews and then see what part of that is reported by the media. And whatever part is reported how it is reported. There are very often (too often for a reliable media) errors in conveying the semantics and even errors of translation (from Marathi to Hindi or English language). The national media are not always wrong; but in this case (i.e. Raj Thackeray) they are desperately trying to prove Raj Thackeray wrong. In doing so, credibility of reporting is lost. They have their own "natural" reasons of opppsing Raj Thackeray. First of all, promoting Marathi (or for that matter any language other than Hindi or English) means they loose that much viewership. If importance of (all) state languages increase, the (relative) importance of Hindi and English goes down. So it is but natural for them to oppose Raj Thackeray. Now. this is not conspiracy because they are not doing it coming together and forming a front against Raj Thackeray. But it is happening automatically.
    About railway exams, there is no doubt there are other ways (otehr than violent protests). Our constitution has provided many good things. But the main problem is of implementation. Imagine, what will happen, if in such case, someone complains that for such and such railway exam, there was no advertisement given in Marathi newspapers; but the advertisement was given in only Hindi newspapers that too in UP and Bihar. Do you think, it will stop the exam? Absolutely NO. The railway officials would coolly say, oh is it? Let this exam go as planned, we will do it next time. And next time never comes. Do you remember, the oppsition to these railway exams effectively held for candidates from specific states (like UP and Bihar) has been happening for years. Not only in Mumbai, but in Karnataka as well. Still, the issue has not been solved?
    But I completely agree with your point that cultural identity does NOT lie in insulating a culture but in cultural exchange. We should promote cultural exchange. Right. But how much real cultural exchange in all directions has happened in free India? Not much. How much does a common person in Maharashtra know about the cultures of its neighbouring states of Karanataka and Andhra Pradesh or even Gujarat? Emphasis has been on unifying diverse cultures into a unified culture (so called national or nationalistic) wherein the regional prides are inconsequential. Is this unity in diversity? No. It is unity by eliminating diversity. Do we really want India to lose its diversity at the cost of so called national level culture? Please think about it.
    Again, these are only my views and the views of Mr. Kaushal and others in the blog are bound to be different.

  32. मित्रा, तू जरा कष्ट घेतलेस तर तुला दिसेल की माझा एक मराठी ब्लॉगही आहे. त्यावर मी हाच पोस्ट मराठीमध्येही टाकला आहे. दुसरी गोष्ट – माझं नाव कौशल आहे, कौशिक नाही. तीसरी गोष्ट – ज्या गोष्टीतलं आपल्याला काहीच कळत नाही, आणि जे आपण संपूर्ण वाचतही नाही, ज्या लोकांना आपण नीट ओळखत नाही त्यांना अशा उद्दाम प्रतिक्रिया, आणि ते ही स्वत:चं नाव न सांगता, भेकडासारख्र्या लिहू नयेत. मित्रा, तू देवनागरी लिपी (ज्याला तू फॉन्ट म्हणतोस) वापरर्लीस का? तुझी प्रतिक्रिया फक्त तुझा मूर्खपणा आणि उद्दाम अज्ञानच दाखवते. मराठीसाठी तू असं काय केलं आहेस जे तू डोकं वर करून मला बोलत आहेस? पुन्हा अशा प्रतिक्रिया छापल्या जाणार नाहीत. आणि हौस असेलच तर जरा स्वत:चं नाव लिहिण्या इतपत तरी मर्दपणा दाखव गड्या!

  33. Subhash says:

    He me 10 Marchlaa jyaa Anonymousni lihile aahe, tyavar (maaze uttar mhanun) lihit aahe. Marathi Asmita ani English blog! Hyachyat evdhe chidnyaasaarkhe kaahi naahi. Compuers saathee (type karne ani waachan), saddhyatari English bhasha kuthlyaahi Bharateeya bhashpeksha soyeechi aahe. Kaaran computers chaa vikas Americet zaalaa aahe. Tyaamule tyaanni (mhanje Americal shastradnyaanni) tyavaril lekhan English laa soyeeche kele aahe. Haloo haloo Marathi font waaparne vadhat aahe; malaa mahit aahe; parantu ajoonahi Marathi font waachnyakarita te fonts waachakaachya compuervarsuddha install ani enable karaawe laagtaat. He ajunahi evdhe common zaalele naahi. Jevha kadhee hoin tevhaa malaa waatte Shri. Kaushal Marathit blog lihiteelach. Aatta ugachach takraar karne mhanje agdi jashee Marathi manse kartaat (ekmekaanche paay odhne va marathi mansaatlyaa chukaa kadhane … chuka daakhwine naahi) hyaachaah prakaar zaalaa.

  34. Huh..

    A tamilian speaking…

    I agree with what the folk has said..

    it is rightly said that the language has to be respected…

    yes even i was surprised to find that there is not a single channel in fm radio station of marathi songs..

    i love marathi songs…and my favourite is
    "Garja maharashtra mazaa…"

    I being a tamilian i am a fan of the actor sachin,lazmikant berde,ashok saraf…

    even i had seen some wonderful movies of the above actors…

    recentky i saw the movie of mahesh manjrekar where he plays a shivaji…

    i respect marathi and i have majority of my friends who speak marathi and who are maharashtrians..

    i am proud that i know one more indian language marathi and i am prod to speak it whenever i get a chanve to speak with my colleagues or friends…

    i want to be a part of this movement…

    Jai maharashtra and Jai hind…

  35. Yogesh says:

    प्रिय कौशल,
    सर्वात प्रथम तुमचे आणि तुमच्या सर्व सहकार्यांचे अभिनंदन ! ते तुम्ही करून दाखवलंत जे बाकी सर्व फक्त बोलतात. केल्याने होत आहे रे आधी केलेची पाहिजे.

    योगेश धोंगडे
    ता. क. मंदार गोगटे ना माझा सुविद्यालय पासून नमस्कार.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Kaushal for a fantabulous composition…Made me proud to be a marathi…"amuchya mula muleet vadate marathi" takes it all…

  37. Refer to Kaushal's comment on 10th march to Anonymous:

    Kaushal you have given a perfect reply. I am really proud of Marathi Manoos like you.

    Great going boss… Keep it up…

  38. Chaitali says:

    Such a beautiful song!
    Could someone please post the lyrics and their translation into English?

  39. Chaitali says:

    Such a beautiful song!
    Could someone please post the lyrics and their translation into English?

  40. Mandar says:


    Gaane atyant sundar zale ahe, Shevatche kadve vagalale naste tar ajoon maja aali asti.

    Tuzhi hi kamgiri nakkich kautakaspad ahe, ashich chaan marathi gaani det raha

    Lobh Asava

  41. sachin says:

    he geet aaik lay var man parsann hote

  42. Dawk says:

    helped me feel so proud that I speak Marathi.

    Mandar Apte

  43. preena says:

    Namaskar, Can u some post or direct me to the lyrics of the song Marathi Abhiman Geet? thanks

  44. Anushri says:

    I feel proud to be a Marathi. Its a gift to all of us as its an Inspirational song. Superb song.. I found many interesting things about it in just check it out…

  45. Kaushal,

    Did you read today's Samaana news paper, front page.

    What you had mentioned in your blog long back about the FM radio stations, the same context is to be seen in the article….

  46. Really super blog every Marathi Manus, Thanks for this information in a detail manner.

  47. kedar says:

    आपला लेख अतिशय उत्तम व योग्य असून आपल्या पाठी (काही नाठाळ अपवाद वगळता) प्रत्येक मराठी माणूस उभा होता, आहे आणि पुढेसुद्धा नक्कीच असेल!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kaushal,
    I appreciate your work well done .
    As you are strong Marathi supporter i want to discuss one issue if possible think on it…..

    Recently after Raj Thackeray s issues when you type "Marathi" on Google you can get plenty of search results.Some of them are by non marathi people from mumbai targeting Marathi dignity unnecessarily,using abuse words.
    The social communities like Orkut Facebook etc where some groups targeting Raj, Balasaheb, Sharad pawar etc. and have "hate" clubs.

    When you see response by marathi lovers is very very less i dont know why????
    As you are famous marathi loving personality can you establish some no.of peoples/volunteers with the help of some institution.

    In some non marathi media issue related maharshtra discussed they are targeting us.Hence we need to give proper answer by posting response to them.
    I know it is not practical but i think you can delver this issue to all our marathi peoples as well as strong capable personalities.

    What is importance?
    Today specially in youth of urban maharashtra mindset is "set" by internet.Whatever youth see on net they think it is correct ,hence less responses are to these people.

    Whatever it may be Best luck for future.
    Jai Maharashtra

  49. Niks says:

    Marathi bhaashet suddha Kautakala shabda kami aahet assa vaatnyajoge gaana aahe , aangavarti shaharre aale marathi abhiman geet aaaikatana , sarva marathmolya lokaankadun bharbharun kautuk aani assech gaane aaikaya miltill ashi apekhsa .Dhanyawad

  50. Amolw says:

    tumche marathi asmita gane khup khup khup awadale…shabda nahit sangayala..he gane aaikale ki khup marathi baddal apalya bhashebaddal halwa hoto mi…
    apala abhari ahe..
    gana khup khup sundar ahe
    ani tyapekshahi sundar tyatala arth ahe
    "jahale amahas bhagya bolto marathi…"

  51. Kaushalbhau tumhi hya lekhat je kahi lihale aahe te atishay khare aahe …. Marathi hee keval bhasha mhanun urali hoti pan ticha awaz matra kuthetari harawala hota ani tumhi tumhachya hya mahapraytnatun to jivant kela tyabaddal tumche shatashah dhanywad…. Jai Maharashtra ani Jai My Marathi !

    PS: Kaushal amhala hya purna sangeetat fakt ekach thodisi hurhur rahili ti mhanje Maharastrache don mahan ratne mhanje Lata ani Asha didi hyancha awaz yaat nahi to .. thode karan kalale tar bare watel.

  52. I want the lyrics this song..
    Plz tell me tht..

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