Dees Tekala Dharela – My First Movie Song

Sharing with you my first ever film song. The film – KRISHNAKATHCHI MEERA –  never made it to the theatres but this song won the BEST PLAYBACK SINGERS for both the singers – Ajit Ankush Parab and Yogita Pathak. The song has some grand memories for me. The year was 2000.

Gajendra Ahire, director of the movie was also the lyricist of the film wrote all sixsongs of the film in a single day and I composed all six songs in a single day too! While I composed one song, Gajendra used to run to the elavator (to get some privacy!) and write the first line of the next song in the lift of my building! At 11 in the morning we had no song with us. By 8 o’clock the same day, we were ready with 6 songs!

The recording process was also great fun! We were all excited because it was our first movie! Kamlesh Bhadkamkar’s first arrangement for a film and Ajit Parab and Yogita Pathak’s first stint as playback singers. Not to mention my debut as a music composer! Avdhoot Wadkar of V2 Studio was not just a sound engineer, but a friend who was involved in the whole process like it was his own offspring.

To work with colleagues is work. To work with friends is fun!

The entire film was made in a budget of Rs. 10 Lakhs! So you can imagine what a budget we were working on. We had to create a world in NO budget! Even a shoestring budget would have been considered a luxury! Not only did I spend the entire amount on the production of songs, I also spent money out of my own pocket! But then it was the first film and love, innocence and excitement were major ingredients of the song.

The situation of the song is understood from the lyrics. The girl wants to go home and the boy wants her to wait. A classic romantic situation immortalised by Jaidev and Sahir in Abhi Na Jao Chhodkar!

Looking back at the song after 12 years, I would most certainly love to redo it in better circumstances. This song is perhaps raw and not so fine, but I love listening to it because it has got a soul! So enjoy the song.

© Kaushal S. Inamdar, 2012


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Dada,

    No wonder why the debutant playback singers won the accolades… AMAZING… song and the story behind it as well…

    🙂 You have always been a genius.

    Prasad Satkalmi

  2. Akshay Iyer says:

    Lovely song. I was wondering about your first song and you posted it. Perfect telepathy :). Secondly, despite a shoestring budget, the quality of music isn't compromised. I think the lyrics retain the charm for this song.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kaushal,
    This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing this…:D



    DEES TEKLA DHARELA is very nice song, i was desperately searching this song for many years, finally got it. I would like to request Kaushal ji if he can share me video of this song. Thanks

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