Happy New Year: Then & Now

I started writing this blog exactly nine years ago on January 1, 2006. I haven’t been much of a regular blogger in these nine years but have managed to keep the blog alive. Some of the posts that I wrote received terrific response and so I have managed to garner 58000+ views. My last post on my trip to Scotland and the referendum fever also got a terrific number of views and some fantastic response outside India. Another post that truly increased the readership of the blog was the post on A.R. Rahman and the analysis of his music. You can find all my posts in the right had column of this blog.I had resolved that I shall be a regular writer, which I have been in these nine years though not on this blog. I did some amount of writing for Marathi newspapers like Prahar, Sakal, Divya Marathi. Most of this writing was on music and in Marathi. The collected articles were finally published as a book two years ago by Maitreya Prakashan, a reputed publisher in Marathi.

A lot has changed within me as a person and as a music composer in these nine years. I did films like Balgandharva, Ajintha, Pitruroon, Sanshaykallol and of course, the National Award winning film, Yellow! I also composed the music and wrote the songs for a Hindi film ‘It’s Breaking News‘, a good movie that I believe was killed due to bad marketing and the vindictiveness of the English media. I also composed and executed the Marathi Abhimaangeet, an experience that changed me not only as a music composer but also as a human being.



And so as they say in Marathi, in these nine years a lot of water has passed under the bridge. But the basic quest has remain unchanged. As I wrote in my first blog-post:

At every point of my existence as a music composer and a human being I stumble across question marks. These question marks are very tricky and they do not dissect my life into questions posed to music composer and questions posed to a human being. Somewhat like the famous line in the film Deewar – “Lagta hai bhai ke bhes mein mujrim baat kar raha hai!“.

2014 has been good to me. I performed KaushalKatta on three continents, did a terrific film like YELLOW, won some awards, met some fantastic people and retained my optimism. As a goodwill gesture I have decided that I will be good to 2015!

© Kaushal S. Inamdar, 2015

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