Rear Window: The First Peep

I had actually started a new blog by the name – REAR WINDOW and also wrote two posts on it. But later I realised that I was just doubling my efforts by starting another blog when this blog was quite capable of carrying this topic in its womb. So I am reproducing the posts here. All posts that are to do with the analysis and commentary on music or my make up as a musician will be under the label of REAR WINDOW.

As the name of the blog suggests, I am an ardent Hitchcock fan. But no, this blog has nothing to do with his movies or TV shows, nor does it have to do anything with spying on neighbours with binoculars. I chose this name because it suggests to me among other things, a different perspective which is uncommon. The front window is basically meant to provide a view. You see what is meant to be seen. It is a given perspective. The Rear Window, however, seemingly offers nothing to view. But it usually offers a lot to observe!

It is often the case with music. The creators give you a view of the music. But as a student of music and a student of human nature, I often find that there are different perspectives to looking at a song. Sometimes they even are the perspectives that the creators wish to give you but are not successful. That doesn’t take away anything from the song. At other times, we see things in a song that were not meant for us to see!

Years of being a musician has changed the way I experience or consume music. I have given up my urge to be judgemental. When I listen to a song now, I am not in a hurry to pass a verdict. Instead, I let it influence me. I try and submit to it. Like a wine connoisseur, I let it linger in my system.

This blog is a sum of my impressions and analyses, my opinions and my experiences, my insights and my prejudices. Because that is how you experience a song. Holistically. I hope you enjoy the exercise as much as I do.

© Kaushal S. Inamdar, 2015

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