Kalaguj – Music Appreciation Workshop in Pune

Kaushal Conducting a Workshop for singers

Kaushal Conducting a Workshop for singers

कलागुज -संगीत रसग्रहण कार्यशाळाKaushal shall be conducting a one day workshop in Pune on Sunday, 30th April 2017. The workshop focuses on the first step to understanding music… listening. The focus is on film music and bhavasangeet. But Kaushal will also be speaking about ghazal. The workshop will give you a deep insight into the aesthetics of light music. The workshop makes use of multiple media to make the participant understand the deeper layers of a song. Kaushal helps you to analyse the architecture of the song and understand its soul. You will also know why ‘Bollywood’ is a wrong term to describe Indian film music which is unique and extremely vast in its repertoire.

The workshop will help you to understand why you like a particular song and what is it that you actually like about it. It will also give you a deeper knowledge of the process of creativity and the technology and technique that goes into songwriting, composing, singing and recording. The medium of communication for this particular workshop will be Marathi. But please note that Kaushal also conducts similar workshops in English and Hindi as well.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for singers – both amateurs and professionals, musicians, lyricists, composers and also the listener who wants to expand his/ her horizons. This workshop will change the way you consume and perceive Indian light music.

Booking for this workshop

You can book a place in the workshop online on this website – or contact Abhijit Tamhane on +91-9850567505


Where is this workshop?

Patrakar Bhavan, Navi Peth, Pune. Sunday April 30th 2017. Morning 10AM to 5PM.

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